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Nitrogen displacement pumping
  • The nitrogen gas displacement inside the tank, before the sludge extraction phase, leaves the atmosphere inside the digester free of hazardous gas like methane, H2S, CO2 etc. Such operation gives the possibility to open the tank to proceed to the cleaning job.
    Service line and gasometer are included as well.

  • Odour control
  • Depending on the size of the facility is possible to have many points of possible need of intervention. SEPARTEK operates the odour control of sludge, perimeter of intervention site and solids dehydrated from centrifugation through patented and effectively chose technologies.
    Such problem often becomes in advance primary to solve, before proceeding to the rest of the operations.

  • Acquisition data and inter-connection
  • The work site yards are linked together and with technical dep. of headquarter. In this way it is possible to check out the parameters of the process on-line in real time. The system can be managed in remote in every single main part: feed pump, flow rate of chemicals, speed and screw differential motion of the centrifuge etc. A sharing connection with the customer’s server is available on request.
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